So this afternoon, I head for Pisa. Rome was amazing, but Im sort of at a loss, as the only thing I wanted to see today had a line that would take approximately 5 hours to traverse (the combination of a Saturday at the Vatican and the fact that the Vatican Museums were closed yesterday and will be closed tomorrow, too, I think). I tried to rationalize staying–you know, the old “Who knows when Ill be back” trick, but I was dirty, alone (I probably would have done it with company) and its sort of threatening rain. I decided to cut my losses and head back here (to the hostel) and shower and update the Clapboard (since internet is free here).

Ill probably spend two days or so in Pisa, then head on to Paris. Ive learned that you cant just hop on and off of trains anymore (could you ever do that? I feel like you could…), so I doubt Ill be visiting my host family in Soyons. Added to that decision is the idea that I don t have anything to bring them, and thats no good.

Im off to call Gianni and maybe get some food because I always seem to be hungry here. Maybe its the walking, but, yeesh, I eat all the time. I eat my entire daily allowance of money, leaving nothing for souveniers or entrance to the lesser museums. In some ways, its a shame, but in others its fine, cause I love to eat.

Quick updates on my various conditions:

  • My knee still hurts, but not nearly as much. Its also not getting better and worse over the course of the day. I think its actually getting a tiny bit better every day. I didnt even take any Spanish asprin yesterday.
  • The blisters on the bottoms of my feet from walking weirdly to accommodate for my knee pain have subsided without incident. My left foot was threatening painful eruptions yesterday morning, but i was careful and gave my feet a little air on the Spanish Steps (much to the chagrin of the rest of the tourists and pigeons). They seem almost 100% today.
  • My pseudo-cold has settled in my lungs. I woke this morning wheezing loud enough to wake the other 9 people in my room, and have been caughing (or needing to caugh) whenever I take a deep breath. Lame, but I feel fine, and thats whats important.
  • I have managed to go a few days without aggravating my broken finger, which I think can only be good for its healing process. Maybe in 2+ more weeks, itll be healed.
  • Financially, Im in dire straits, but only, I think, because of the Great Theft. The loss of cash that was in the bag coupled with the effort to recoup my losses (not just the camera, but I still need to buy another travel clock, for example…) is hitting me pretty hard. Fortunately, I think I have the reserves to make everything fine.

    Thats it for now. I think Ive been boring enough.