This past weekend began on Wednesday night for me. Being unemployed really has some benefits. I went up to Mikes folks place in P.J. and hung out with Mike and his dog Dutch for the evening. We ate burgers, watched movies and played pull-the-sock for hours. It was a lot of fun. Its been too long since Ive spent time with Mike on LI, especially considering how frequently were both out that way.

Thursday began with my first college classes in 5 years – I went to classes at S.B. with K.T. I learned that Yorkshire is claiming fatherhood of Robin Hood and wrote some good stuff for my screenplay. Yay. We ate lunch with A.A., whos reporting successful and relatively easy removal of wisdon teeth, for those keeping score at home.

We arrived in Wayland at around 7:30, ate with K.S. (R.S. and N.S., too, when they arrived home from work at 11pm), and had a good nights sleep in Casa Sylvas beautiful guestroom.

Friday started with breakfast and SSTix from Wayland (yet another place logged where i have worked for SS), then we headed to cambridge to get lunch and see Harvards campus. It ws pretty, I guess, but no Syracuse. Maybe Im biased. K.T. and I met K.B. and M.B. (no relation) for dinner, then K.T. went to B.C. with M.B. and I went to J.P. with K.B. to drop stuff off before we went out for the evening. Out was a nice little bar with K.B.s friends from work. I had a good time – her friends were very nice.

We used Saturday to lounge around pretty much the whole day. K.B. wasnt feeling well in the morning, so we took it easy. After noon, we watched a couple of movies, including going out to see THE DREAMERS. Before our theatre movie, we made brownies at home, watched Backdraft, and then went out for tasty Mexican food. After THE DREAMERS ended, it was time for more DVDs. And more brownies. Yum.

Sunday was really all about driving, but not before gettingreally good nachos for lunch. I was full for hours afterwards (so full, in fact, that i didnt even eat any Mystic Pizza), but it was worth it. I left K.B. and went back to B.C. to get K.T., and we hit the road back to casa Sylva to pick up a forgotten coat and to say hi to J.S. and K.?. (whose last name I simply do not recall) who had just returned from Baltimore. It was good to catch up with J.S. – it would have been a shame to miss him at his own house.

Our trip home was relatively uneventful, if a bit heavily-trafficked, and we made it back here unscathed to watch DON JUAN DE MARCO. Interesting flick.

Now that the worlds longest Weekend Update is complete, I will go to bed. Tomorrow I have to get to H&F by 7:30 or so to swap out a NIC. If thats not the problem, then its the building and Ill be pretty upset that I had to go out there twice.