Ive got the travel bug real bad, and Krol posted this link on his LiveJournal (which, though I love him, I hate linking to because I hate LJ these days), so I figured I’d check it out. I feel like half the states I’ve never seen are conspicuous in some way or another (Kentucky and Colorado both completely surrounded? VT, NH, ME? After all those years of Cape Cod?), and I’d like to mark those off the map, but I can’t imagine how its going to happen any time soon. I don’t really have any interest in jumping from state to state just to do it, but Ill never have to stay in Kentucky, probably, so a quick drive through is about all I have to look forward to.

In related news, I got a rail map of Europe today, as much to determine whats possible as anything else. I’m still up in the air about where my trip will take me – there are just too many great places to try to visit. I’m loving the new poll, though, cause all input is good input as far as I’m concerned.

Today, I have some work for Stoney Bank Nurseries, which is good–I want to have as much of my work current before I go as possible, and Im hoping to have a meeting with MWS tonight or tomorrow to nail down whats happening in the immediate future. Well see how it goes. I’m off to finish SS stuff before doing the ever-important banking and bill-writing, and buckling down to do what work I have.

Full-sized map is behind the read more link.