Trouble is brewing in Bay Ridge, considering the fact that my PC wont stay booted up. I cant get it to even get into Windows anymore, and I dont know why. I think its the IDE controllers, but whatever it may be is very serious, and Im screwed until I can get it fixed.

As I write this (from my laptop whose battery is shot and whose internal NIC has been dead for months), my PC appears to be stuck in a dark loop, where the machine continues to reboot, but never gets anywhere, because it keeps restarting. Its sort of unbelievable. Also, very frusterating. Im going to swap out the MoBo from the E-box, after I rid myself of the Radeon VIVO (cause thats easier to deal with than the board itself), and hope that something I do helps.

If I owe you e-mail, I apologize, and Ill get on it soon. I think Ill have some kind of interim solution worked out before tonight, whether its the motherboard that I replace or maybe I pirate that old system thats sitting on my desk and just carry everything over to it manually. Well just have to see.

In closing, Im glad Im a huge geek (complete with wireless networking to keep my plugged-in laptop online), because my broke-ness is preventing me from being able to just buy a new machine. If it werent for the multiple computers that I have lying around the pad, Id be screwed. This might, however, become incentive for me to go temp for a little while so that I can purchase a new machine before I would be able to otherwise. Well see.