Its been about forever since my last real update, but internet here is spotty and any time Im online, Im pretty much doing Surf Secret, so I dont have time to focus on writing a proper update. At this point, Ill settle for an improper update, so you get what you get.

The trip back from Houston was quite a bit longer than the trip there, but also notably more enjoyable. Drews company for the ride and Jeanneth when she was awake made things much more fun and even tolerable, considering that we stopped twice, both times for too little time to really relax. There are highlights, though:

  • New Orleans: we got there early enough to walk down by the water, which was awesome. The sun was just setting and it was plenty warm, so I was happy. Then we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and had a waiter that reminded us of Nathaniel quite a bit.
  • Justin & Trish’s house: better even than you’d remember from the pictures. Theyve been working hard on that place to get it in shape and exactly how they want it. Makes you wonder if a path of more security would have been a wiser choice.
  • Christmas has come and gone, after its customary four-day stay, and, as always, I’m conflicted about whether or not Ill miss it. I love being with the family and I love the singing, but theres a lot about it that I dont love–the structure is becoming too heavy to bear and the hurry it imparts to the events is just a little awkward, but its all worth it to see my family, even for a little while. Highlights of this years festivities included: football, during which I got to experience just how out of shape I really am. Drew, Jared and Justin are all in better shape than me, and it really showed. I have a lot of catching up to do if I don’t want to be humiliated next year. Man. Singing always fun, this year a little weird because we didn’t get as much Christmas singing done because the three Ks had to do a long medley that none of us had heard in our lives. Its interesting to think about how they (and we as people, by extension) can remember something from 40 years ago that literally hasn’t been considered since last it was performed. Makes for interesting consideration of the human memory. Tee-Shirts: they went over well, although the sizes are all wrong, which i’m foolish about, but whatever. I’m glad they were enjoyed, at least in spirit, if not actually in practice.what else?
  • I got pulled over again on Friday night, but got let off when the officer realized that I wasn’t remotely drunk. Thumbs up for DUI checkpoints, especially when you’re sober.
  • Im working on my list of things to consider in the new year. 2004 is my 4th year in NYC and that’s gotta count for something. I dont really have resolutions, per se, because that seems too absolute for my grayscale world, but things to consider as the year begins are a little bit important to me. I managed my long-term goals pretty well for 2003, and I think Im coming up with a good list of things to consider for 2004, as well. Ill probably post them as I get things nailed down into words rather than ideas.

I’ll probably be back in NYC tomorrow, if only to deal with an emergency situation at MWS and to water my bonsai tree. I’m feeling sort of hermit-ish these days but I don’t know why. Maybe I can figure it out and deal with it so I can be more social again. Well see.
Anyway, this update has been crazy enough. I’ll wait to process and upload pictures until Im back in Brooklyn because the internet here is so slow and wonky. Sorry to inundate you with all this text without any pretty pictures, but hey, I’m so far behind with the updates that I’ll throw everything up at the moment.