While it doesnt help me connect to my POP3 boxes, using a public proxy on port 80 does make it so that I can access my web site (thank GOD!) on my laptop from Drews kickass apartment.

I havent taken any pictures while Ive been here, but I intend to change that this morning, right after I finish the dishes. I cooked last night, and because it was late when we finally finished eating, I did not do the dishes (and by “do the dishes” I mostly mean “put them in the dishwasher” because andrew is a dishwasher having PIMP!). Id like to post some pics of his place because its so damn nice, so Ill have to do that later. Its just about that time, I think. Also, we need pictures of Andrew in his working enviornment and of Rice, too.

So far, its been a good trip–weve been very busy, all things considered. I havent seen ROTK yet, but I intend to very soon–maybe we can sneak out and see it at lunch tomorrow or catch an evening show or something before the weekend. Well just have to see.

For now, thats going to be all she wrote. Im psyched to be back on my website, and I look forward to putting up pictures of at least the first part of Houston 2003.