So Im definitely going to Houston on Friday. Its good to have that nailed down. Im psyched to see Drew, his new place, the town again, etc. Im just excited to get away for a little while. What I have to watch is the money that I spend, but thats just the usual thing.

Ive been winding down work for MWS and I just invoiced H&F for the computers, so thats good. Theres pretty much no money in my immediate future, though, so Im going to have to figure something out. I mean, I have a car payment to worry about, which is still new to me. I dont like having such a huge debt on my credit report, though, so Ive got to figure out something to do to pay it all off soon. Maybe Ill become a stripper or something. Or, umm, maybe I can sell plasma.

Last thing in this melange of nonsense is that Ive done a good bit of my Christmas shopping and Ive got ideas for almost everything I have to buy. Now, of course, I have to wrap everything tomorrow so I can just leave in the morning on Friday. Tomorrow is about packing, wrapping, buying a couple of things and organizing what I need to have done by the time I get back for the new year. And what the hell do I do with my Bonsai? Take it all over the world? Not such a good idea. My first tree didnt fare so well on its trip to LA, if I recall. Hmmm…..