So its been three years, folks. Can you imagine it? From humble and crappy beginnings hosted in a server at a resort in Florida to great big hosts that can do anything we want (but still kinda crappy, I know), Clapboard has grown up.

For its birthday, I’m thinking about giving Clapboard an ad on Google. That might be an interesting way to boost traffic, especially if I use my $25 voucher to secure a few days additional exposure.

Here’s what I’m planning for the site in the new year, too:

  • submissions
    Slashdot-style “hey, I found this interesting” submissions from users–I want more input from you guys, and what better way than to allow you to help direct the content of the site?
  • themes
    Im going to redo the themes for the site, maybe paring down some to streamline, but also unifying the look across the board.
  • updates
    PHPNuke 7 is almost out, and its time to upgrade again, I think. Id like to see some new mods for various parts of the site, and if I cant get them, I might just learn to write them. Ha HA!

So thats that for now. Happy Birthday, dear website.