This is VENTURE 1!

Page 21, top panel, Rodric holding Kiria after having choked her out only moments before.

I’ve completed the text roughs and will be looking to finish the effects and such today or tomorrow so that I can send the pages to Kurt and then finally submit them before Christmas. No reason to dawdle, if you ask me. If I’m getting a table (or part of a table) at the wizard con in May, I expect 2 things. first is that I’ll have done everything in my power to get this thing out there, and second is that if you live anywhere on the east coast, you’ll get your ass to Philly to see me.

That’s all for now, although there will be more later. I need to go replace the toner in my LaserJet so I can reliably print these things. More detail and another pic if you click Read More

As for all of these, click the title,
since there’s no more READ MORE
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