Where indeed. It doesnt feel like last friday was almost a week ago. effin weird.

I picked up a job for five more computers with H&F, which is good–now, if I can only make a profit this time, Ill be a happy guy. That could be christmas money if I get myself together properly. Its all about debt consolidation and christmas money at this point, and dont you forget it.

I have to decide how Im going to get down to Houston this year (assuming Im going, that is), but Im hatching a plan that could help me RULE THE WORLD! Oh. Umm…. Not really, but its a good plan.

This weekend, though, is the more immediate threat, what with the whole “baltimore trip” coming up and all. I wonder what Im going to do about that. I wonder where Im going to stay. I think Katie will come, so that complicates crashing on someone elses couch just a little, but its okay–complications can be fun.

Anyway, Im looking forward to the weekend, so Ill keep you in the loop about whats happening with it. Maybe Ill even update from the road.