So last night, we continued our short-term tradition of watching movies from 1979 with a screening of classic porn flick Debbie Does Dallas. In a lot of ways, it was extremely 70s (the hair, the politics, etc), but in plenty of ways, it was just plain bad. Lighting? Terrible. Editing? Almost non-existent. Acting? None. in fact, Debbie herself seemed like she was on something extreme for much of the movie. It was unreal. The sex was at best boring and at worst, just plain gross. I guess my taste in porn stars is just too much informed by the onset of the physical fitness craze in the 80s. Bambi Woods as Debbie (when she wasnt doing the hopped-up junkie with blinding perfection) was the best thing about the flick, and she was hardly even in it. I mean, Im all for normal-looking people, but christ, keep the ugly ones behind the scenes.

Whatever, now I can say Ive seen it and heartily recommend that everyone who hasnt stays away. Damn shame, too, because classic porn has evolved into quite the trendy genre and I think Im going to let this particular train pull out of the station.