image0023-jpgTo the left are some pictures of the past weekend – click through to see some more.

Scott & Sharon came up this weekend, so we went into the city a little bit, visited the cloisters (as the pictures here show) and just generally hung around. There were tasty dinners (including French food on my birthday and Planet Thailand on Saturday), some drinks, and much wandering around NYC – all contributing to my general laziness and relaxation for the weekend. It was good to have Scott and Sharon here, and we have tentative plans for me to get to the Bmore area towards the end of November. That’s a good idea – I like being down that way.

image0002-jpgIn the “weird news” section lives the fact that they don’t seem to turn off your cable TV with your cable modem. I cant figure out whose service it is, but until there is a cease and desist order at my door, i guess there’s some free cables in my house. In case anyone asks, though, I didn’t do it.

Lastly, I cant wait to get my fricken monitors – I priced out video cards today and all I want to do is build a shelf and get them up and running. then Ill be able to put up cool pictures online and be the envy of computer geeks everywhere. Unless, of course, the monitors suck. Then it’s all for naught.