This car is way too nice for me.
I just thought I’d point that out before moving on to tell you to look at the pictures and tell me what you think.
I got a very good deal because the car is actually an ’03 and they wereitching to get rid of it (the poor thing sat on the lot for more than a year because no one knows how to drive stick anymore). Its still more expensive than Id be paying if the car werent so ideal for a guy like me, but what the hell, youre only young once, right?


  • 2003 Sebring LXi
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • V-6 by Mitsubishi
  • power everything
  • moonroof
  • 16-inch alloy wheels
  • 4-disc Infiniti 7-speaker sound system

pretty much everything I could want. Even though it makes me poor, it also makes me happy.

In other news, I have an interview with a coordinator today named David to see if he wants to hire me on a movie that’ll shoot in December. It’ll start up in a few days, though, so it should be interesting to see if the job gets greenlit on time and if I have to go to work on Monday. Wouldn’t that be awesome but unfortunate in an odd sort of way? Having off on my birthday is good, but not having off for the whole month makes me sad. And what a spoiled guy I am, huh?