Well, it might not be so bad, but we did have to shut down today and we might not be starting back up at all, which spells a world of suck for all of us who, you know, depend on those weekly checks. Locations has given us trouble since the beginning of the shoot and today, we arrived on set for a 4:30p call to NJ police refusing to allow us to open the trucks and do our work.

The producer is here in the office (Moshe Diamant, for those that followed those early Van Damme movies) making calls and trying to decide whether to move us to LA or Toronto or what for our last week of shooting.

What a pain in the ass it is when you can afford to fly like 20 people to ANOTHER COUNTRY cheaper than you can be on hold for 3 days with a crew in NYC. Thats insane. At least Ill only lose like 2 weeks of work, which was going to be my rent for the month and pay my bills, too.

Sorry to vent, but man, what a pain in the ass.