The longer I work on this movie, the more I value my free time. Its weird living such a black and white lifestyle, where Im either too busy to breathe regularly or so stagnant that its hard to get up and move.

Tonight and tomorrow are going to be all about hardware – plenty of it, rebuilding and building computers that I need to have running. First is the workstation, second is the new Smoothwall box, third is the old Smoothwall box. Then theres what will someday become a fileserver (I hope) and the addition of hardware (yet unpurchased, of course) to the EBox, making it smarter, faster, stronger than ever before.

Its Saturday night and I know I could be going out and having a good time when this eternal-seeming job is at an end, but this weekend is all about focus, direction, and football.

Okay, maybe not ALL about football, but Im definitely going to be watching the games tomorrow. And maybe a movie or two.

But to get the MWS job started, I really need to get a smoothwall box on the network accessible from the outside so that both myself and my new computer guy can get at it with some ease. I dont know if hes got to be physically in Brooklyn, but if he does, well make it work. If not, its all about phone calls and Instant Messaging. Well see. Next Sunday is the install, so I dont have a whole lot of time.

In theory, theres going to be a little riding tomorrow, too, but well have to see about that because the weather isnt looking like its going to cooperate and I dont know that Ill have the time with all the computer stuff I have to do.

Im thinking about not installing M$Office again and just running with Open Office, Firebird, Thunderbird and a few other Open source things. Well see what I decide. Im all for installing alternative and better programs on my again machine, too, because popping all that microsoft stuff is just slowing things down. If I can open a mail client that has 1/3 the memory footprint with the same basic features, why the hell not?

Okay, this has been a geeky enough post. Just so it passes the lameness filter, here are some really manly things to say.

Beer! Chicks! Football! Grr! More Beer! Boobs! NAKED chicks! Yeah! Rock n Roll!

Whew. Thanks for reading.