With my computer down and the fight for the cable modem in a two-day cycle this past weekend, I wanted to update about certain things, but couldnt manage it until this very moment. The fact that Im back at work makes things much more difficult, too, because theres actually something going on here just about all the time.

Long story short, it was a good weekend – plenty of football on TV (which I love even though the Eagles lost), home made lasagne, much lazing about (although it didnt feel like a lot), chess with Katie and some sleeping that felt like heaven. I talked with each member of my family, albeit briefly, this past weekend (which always brightens the day in Brooklyn).

I had my first taste of success at putting up a Smoothwall router myself this past weekend (WOO-HOO!) and it looks like, even though the timeframe is elongated, the MWS job is going to happen afterall. Thats a good thing, especially because it means that Im one step closer to getting things permanently rolling with the JVS thing. I think what I really need is to get my ass in gear and advertise and make a big push for publicity and jobs. Its just about that time. Of course, travelling in November will delay things, but in some ways, maybe what I need is a little delay–maybe what I need to do is step outside of my sphere for a little while and refocus, because even the clear things are beginning to seem muddy sometimes, and thats not good. I feel like Im developing tunnel vision–losing sight of the periphery.

This is an odd train of thought because at the same time that Im trying to prune things that I dont need, Im also worrying about losing sight of things in the periphery. I guess what I need to do is make a distinction on focus versus scope. I mean, theres the short list and then theres everything else. Just because an activity, an idea or a passtime doesnt make the short list for whatever reason, that doesnt mean that its okay to allow it to disappear from my life altogether.

Is this an egregious display of my nature as a control freak? Is it the seminal struggle between someone driven to a single point and someone questing for balance and a well-rounded lifestyle? Is it drivel, written merely to take up space?

Im pretty sure its that last one. I promise to have more pictures and less nonsense on the site in the near future. Andrew has reminded me that you still havent seen shots of the Katana (shocking, but true), so thats high on the list of things to photograph. Soon, soon.