I like giving two titles to my updates. It makes them sound like a tounge-in-cheek book that was published in the 80s to me. Does that make me weird? Shut up.

Anyway, I spent pretty much the whole weekend with Russ, including the trip to Philly that became the first half of “mom-fest 2003.” Im not sure how better to describe the whole thing, so Ill just give a breakdown in list format. Blame my mom for my love of lists.

  • Thursday night, I went out with Greg from film-411 and a friend of his. A good time was had by all out there at the Slaughtered Lamb. We met a history major and an actor, too, and almost drank too much, but then didnt, thankfully.
  • Friday night, Russ & I went to the Lower East Side and got pizza twice and a few drinks. We talked about movies, scripts and girls pretty much all night. Then we went back to Bay Ridge and had a drink at the Salty Dog (because, really, when youre going to work at 10am, why even try to stop drinking before 4?) Russ felt like he was going to get beat up, so we didnt stay too long amongst the meatheads and the leather-clad rock-club waitress and friends.
  • Saturday, I worked all day.
  • Saturday night, we met up with some kids from Innovative, but they were hanging out with friends from Texas and Paris, so we didnt spend any time there. Then we went to Tiki Room and befriended a bartender (through friends of friends, actually, but still). I tried to explain to some kids we met the trouble with guys like me dating girls from NYC who still live at home with their conservative parents, but I dont think I really got through.
  • Russ crashed on the couch Saturday night.
  • After diner food with Karen, Russ & I went out to Greenpoint to practice riding. Its always awesome when theres riding to be done. Of course, my bike is never going to be fixed, but still.
  • Around 6pm, we left for Philly, getting in around 9, missing dinner at any mall-type establishment, so we ate at the Iron Hill then just hung out there and chatted with Jodi until about 12 when they called last call.
  • From 8a – 12a, Russ & I hung out with my mom & Lee.
  • Then we left and went to Philly to hang out with an old friend of Russ.
  • Next was a stop in East Orange to meet Russ mom and grab a bus back to the city.
  • Katie came back at 11ish, and I tried to get immediately to bed, but it wasnt to be. That means Im tired today, but thats okay.Thats the gist of the weekend, anyway. It was a very enjoyable one, all told, and involved a lot of driving around, which is always a lot of fun. This week is going to involve the completion of the JVS website, some movie watching and maybe even some extra sleep. Oh, and my hard drive should come this week sometime, allowing me to get back on schedule with the whole SS tix thing. That would be good, since I have an outstanding invoice as of yesterday that Id love to complete.



    The bandits of the weekend


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