If you mean that the updates are happening late, then yeah, these are late-breaking. And its about time. I took 2 days off and they flew by–really just like lightning. I got a bicycle (which I will photograph and post pictures of, of course) and Emily came to visit, both things amazingly cool. I also did laundry and got my final paycheck from America Brown. I did a bunch of SS tickets, but my PC is on the fritz since I agreed to update with Mircrosoft, so it wasnt easy. I spent a bunch of time (although admittedly, little of it actually at the computer) trying to get those damn updates uninstalled, and I m only half done. Well see what happens in the next couple of days.

It also turns out that the blackout wasnt done in my life last time I updated–not by a long shot. I ended up going in to work and hanging around for a few hours before going out to pick up an actor for the shoot that started at 4pm. It was a weird day, what with sitting in the office shooting pool and picking up an actor. Then Michelle Williams called me on my cell phone, which is a pretty cool thing. Even though I ended up staying later than expected, I managed to go right home and get some sleep, a function that has rocketed to the number one spot on the “most-coveted” activities list in my life since I started working again. Being busy sucks.

So Emily is visiting today, hitting the town with her boy Mike.Katies taking them out on the town, trying to fit in all cool stuff, all the time.. Theyve got a glorious day for sightseeing, too, and Im jealous that they can spend some time outdoors in such amazing weather. I pretty much just sit under the fluorescent lights and get pale and sickly and thats no good. But at least Ill be able to work off some of my excess flab that Im getting in my old age. Thats rad. And excess flab sucks.

This update has taken me all day to write (or at least 5 hours, because Im trying to do 10 things at once) and it feels very disjointed, but itll have to do, since its an accurate reflection of my life at the moment. Remind me to take photos of the Katana and of my new bike – its time to get some more updates and photos up on this wordy bastard.