I had Sunday off, which was definitely not enough because now I have to get up and do laundry this week amongst all the other crap that I have to do. Working today means that Im getting paid, which is nice, although at this point, Id rather forego the paycheck and just have some time off already. Its weird–Im in some zone where i can only work either not at all or 6 days a week, 12+ hours a day.

Im noticing a pattern here, too, which is kind of disturbing to me. Im constantly running, constantly working, constantly moving, and I just dont physically have enough time. I try to get 7 hours of sleep a night. Never happens. I try to spend time with my friends–its never enough to please anyone. My family? Please, they might as well be on Mars for how often I can see them. I dont remember this always being my way of life when I was working, but I guess I have more committments now than I ever have before. I feel like Im doing two hundred things all at .5% and thats bad.

Also, I think the folks at America Brown are holding my paycheck until they get their PC, which I would find a lot less infuriating if theyd had the balls or the courtesy to tell me that they were doing it. It would almost be worth just letting them have it if I could be guaranteed that no one involved with that production would ever bother me again. Of course, the people I really mean that about would never dream of calling me again–I think our mutual disrespect was plenty clear.

Okay, time to go off to work and try not to waste any time. JVS is happening–now, if I can only make it ACTUALLY happen, Ill be in top form.