So here we are, on another movie, in another office.

This time, my coordinator doesnt hate me (awesome) and the office doesnt totally suck with suckiness. There is a serious lack of funding for production, which is tough and promises to be tougher, and theres less prep on a bigger movie (which promises to be tougher). The big thing is Sigourney Weaver, I guess, although some of the production team is pretty cool too. One of these guys worked on a bunch of VanDamme flicks, which is awesome.

Anyway, the JVS stuff is stalled today, but will be better tomorrow, I think. I did some unexpected SS work tonight, and tomorrow itll be JVS stuff. I have plenty to file and organize when I get home, and I think that having a little extra time in the morning will be extra special. I might even get to do the stupid Certificate of Authority Extortionary crap. The problem is that Im stretched razor thin these days because of the 4 different cards Im paying on. Its dumb.

Excuses, excuses. I just thought Id update about the new gig and the fact that, despite the retarded odds, Im going to perservere. JVS is going to make me money yet. I dont know when or how, but it is.