Lets see, a list.

1. My job finally ended, that much is good.

2. My new job starts Monday. Good, too.

3. I still have no bank account for JVS. Bad.

4. No website, either.

5. Mailings havent gone out yet, but they should today.

6. Which means that I need the website up.

7. I finally caught up on SS Tix. UNI-FB tix are still stacked up.

Its all rather overwhelming, especially in light of the guy that insisted yesterday that I need to have a piece of paper that says that I have authority to practice business in the state of NY before i can open a bank account. Its all very frustrating and it makes me feel stupid. This certificate of authority costs $225, which is more than all the filing fees put together. Dumb, I tell you. Plain dumb.

Today, though, is all about bikes. Its about fixing them, riding them, playing with them. After that, its about homemade lasagne (made by Katie while I slept on the couch in what I can only assume was a depressive-defense exhaustion response). I had a little last night and it was very good. Yay for moms recipes and a girlfriend that has the focus to want to cook even when I dont.

Anyway, now its time to get my ass in gear so that I can get up to Cycle Therapy to meet Russ by 11. I have to stop by another WaMu and J&R first, so its about that time. Also, I have to go up to the Post Office and mail that crap. Thatll put the pressure on. Of course, with my new job, Ill probably completely ignore it, leading to the ultimate failure of JVS. But well see.

Does anyone think its NOT a good idea that I try to travel to Europe when my next job is done? I hope not, because I think its a pretty good idea, personally. Well see what happens.

Oh, one last thing:

Happy birthday Emily!!!

For yesterday, I mean. Sorry I didnt get to this then. I love you anyway, you know.