Happy belated independence day, everybody!

Ive been trying to write this update for literally three days. Every time I start it, something comes up and someone uses my machine and erases the update or the thing crashes due, Im sure, to the extreme heat. Anyway, now is attempt number four.

I bought an air conditioner yesterday – thats a good thing. Ive discovered that 5,340 BTUs arent enough to cool my whole living room, although its not a bad effort. The room goes from boiling to tepid, which is a good start in this kind of weather. I think itll coll the bedroom and make sleeping a little easier, and thats whats really important.

The big news is that Drew came up to visit! Hes only here for a few hours, really, but he and Kristen got here and are hanging out and thats the important thing. It was good of him to be able to make the effort.

Work is going along swimmingly – busy as hell last week (making updates nigh impossible, as well as anything else in my life). This week starts shooting, which should help to ease the tensions there, and Im on late shift. I dont know if thats going to be terrible or not yet, but Im going to try hard to take a que from Mark D and make the most of my time. I think I should be able to make it fine.

Lastly, there are pictures to put up that I think I can get to later – I have so many good ones to show off. Im sorry that the site has gotten so damn boring – I swear there are things going on around here! Ill be better about updates in the near future.