This gets posted under the “travel” banner because I dont have a category called “really cool shit.” Id like to, though, so if anyone feels like designing an icon that would single-handedly describe the essence of “really cool shit,” Id be up for creating one. Your icon creation would be the first update, in fact. Anyway. Andrews new bike is now happily under his care in Houston. It warms the little heart to think of him running around town on his bike, tearing up the streets and neighborhoods and terrorizing the populace. I cant wait until the two of us can ride together.

The bad part about him getting a bike is that its all the damn way down in Houston and we cant ride together anytime in the imaginable future. That sucks hardcore. Ah well. We can ride together metaphorically – like Fivel is with his sister metaphorically in An American Tail. Remember that movie? Yeah, I thought so.

Anyway, Drew has a bike–congratulate him.