Im having a hard time understanding where the weekend went at the moment. Friday felt like Saturday and yesterday felt like Sunday, but there were two days in there that I can hardly remember – what did they feel like? Old friends from high school visited on Saturday. I remember that. Megan came on Sunday and we hung out despite my exhaustion. I remember that, too. I just dont have a sense of the time that passed. Weird stuff.

Andrew bought a motorcycle this weekend – I cant wait to see the pictures of that. Now all we have to do is get within a few hundred miles of each other and well be able to ride together. I wonder what the likelihood of that is. Not so great, Id bet.

Really, there have been two things in this update already that suck about getting older – people you care about and like spending time with get further away, either in physical space, emotional space or both. Lame, huh? I guess all you can do is work to stay as close as circumstances allow and continue to create new memories when the time allows.