It feels like its been awhile since Ive updated about anything that I think I have to take things in some kind of order. Im going to do numbered lists to help you skim the shit you dont care about. At least that way, an update like this wont seem so damn lame.

1) Visit home for the weekend

This weekends visit home was good for me, as I got to see Mom, Drew and Emily all in one place at one time. That doesnt happen often enough these days. We went to see the Phillies in their 1st-inning win, we ate good food and had ice cream at this place thats gotten famous in my family, it seems, and we had dinner with Nana, Papa, Grandma O and cousin Susan on Mothers Day. Susan gave me a ride home, even, which was nice of her. (Thanks to Heather for the ride down–Im so spoiled!)

I also cleaned out my old toybox and a little of my closet and ended up bringing home some little stuff thats going to make it into the Matt compendium of crap someday. I really got nostalgic going through my old Matchbox cars and the hundreds of scraps of paper with numbers and addresses on them. I even tossed out the letters that I got that were more than 10 years old, from back in the camp days and such. Weird stuff.

The icing on the old-school-weekend cake, though, was seeing Devon McCandless at Brownies (with Drew and Jodi). Talk about history coming up unexpectedly and suprising the shit out of you. Man. That was really cool.

2) Company details

Today I met with Uncle Bob. He was very supportive and gave me a lot to think about (even though I hate thinking), and I think Ill be filing my paperwork tomorrow or so. Thats good stuff.

Scott and Andrew have been giving me specific help and asking specific questions related to different things about the company, and I appreciate having smart, interested people probing the idea for weak spots that I alone couldnt catch.

Things left to do include trying out and getting some software for inventory and invoicing, laying out the monthly return details, and opening an account for the money.

3) Computer shit

I think I successfully recovered everything, or almost everything. Datamining software came up huge in this case, saving my ass major problems and irritation. And you dont want to see me with an irritated ass–thats just gross. Somehow I intend to have that machine back up and running by tomorrow mornings SS ticket time. Well see if it actually happens or not – thatd be something.

4) My bike

I finally picked it up, to the tune of $400, which sucked ass, but still, its better than not having a bike. It seems more reliable somehow, and it sounds better. I think they fixed the leak in the oil pan, which is good, but they left me with a helluva list of things to look at. I am putting a moratorium on any more major repairs, though, because I cant afford them anymore and it doesnt make sense to keep fixing a bike thats older than me.

5) Random Crap

Im looking forward to the next few days of intense working that Im going to have to be doing – lots of creativity and outlet stuff because I have the time and might not have it again any time soon.

Hope and Faith got picked up today, but Ive learned not to take too much into account until someone calls and offers me a job or two. I hope that it means good things.

Im waiting on pages from Kurt, but Im going to scan as much as my little fingers can take tomorrow, hopefully to complete the work on that so I can start doing text and effects immediately thereafter.

Okay, this stupid update is done for now. Theres more, Im sure, but itll have to wait for the next thing. Time to go finish installation of various programs.