users can now send and receive attachments to their POP3 accounts set up with the webmail service on this site!

What does this mean to us? Well, now, instead of being tied to Outlook all the time, you can set up your clapboard webmail account (even if youre not a account holder) and send and receive e-mail from right here on the website!


Its no replacement for a full-featured e-mail client, but for those of us on the go, access to POP3 accounts on the go can be an invaluable tool.

Anyway, I just wanted to tout the newest addition to the site. Thanks for reading.

HOPE & FAITH is over for me after today, so Ill have a little more time to get things together on the business tip. I also have to send a final invoice for the extra days on the rentals for the production. Its all about the ducats at this point, at least until the show gets picked up. Then its all about the love.