Ah, the life of a PA. Its no life at all, if you ask me. I was talking to one of my compatriots yesterday about how hard it is to maintain any kind of a life while youre working, especially when you have to work more than one job. Its less than fun, anyway.

Travel plans have solidified for now, and they have me leaving got Bmore on Friday morning so I can get there before PM rush hour and so I can get to UMBC before it closes. Looks like theres going to be a small gathering of folks on Friday night, so if youre remotely in the area, try to be there because it should be fun.

Tonight I build Drews Weight Bench and the bedside table, and hopefully today I manage to find S-Corp election forms on the IRS website. Well see. Im hoping that itll be a slightly slower day at work today so I can steal an hour all told to do things.

Surf Secret tickets call (I sound like a broken record – I think I tell Katie that I have to do trouble tickets more than any other thing), and I answer that call. 6AM is a damn good time for ticket answers, anyway, right?