Its weird that now whenever I sit down at my computer, I think “Ahh, update time…” but then I think, “No, Surf Secret time!” and rush off to answer tickets. I think this is a sign that I need to work a little more. Maybe soon.

Anyway, this weekend was fantastically expensive, but I think everyone had a good time, and thats whats important, really. I shot a roll of film at the Cloisters and around town, which would alreaddy be developed except that somehow the film turned out to be Ektachrome reversal film, something I swear Ive never even seen before. So I have to take it to a send-out place because, really, who the hell develops reversal film? Frickin weird, if you ask me. Where the hell did I get reversal film?

Today is about research and actually doing the thing, as well as about regulating bills and moving money back and forth. Maybe I can get a chair and a weight bench this week, too. Id really like to finish up my house so that everything is in some semblance of an order before the end of time. Maybe we can have a housewarming party in May.