Last night and this afternoon have gotten me thinking about our responsibilities to our friends and family. Getting in touch, keeping in touch, doing what we promise well do, all this crap is floating around in my head at the moment while I make file folders to help me organize my JVS crap. Ive been working on being better at being in touch, but I feel like Im failing because the more people I put into the rotation, the more people I let drop. I wonder if I speak with more or fewer people once a week or more now than I did one year ago. Once a month or more? Do you speak with more or fewer people now than last year? Is the change good or bad? Do you even give a shit?

Also, i think I need a “musings” topic icon because this certainly isnt a “rant” but its not enough stuff to qualify as “cornucopia,” either, really. But I guess the “cornucopis” category could just be little bits of lots of things in their own posts, too.