February has been a bitch of a month. Since last I updated, some more bad things have happened. Ready for the list?

1) Katies car was pronounced dead. Totaled. And its my fault. Oh what an ass am I.

2)The landlords arent going to release us from our lease until the 15th, losing us half of our security deposit.

3) I cut my finger almost down to the bone yesterday on a mirror that i had loaded into the van for Megan. My fingers are taped together even as I type. I think I may never heal, actually, and Im worried because it didnt bleed.

4) Michael got 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his hands and last night trying to put out a cooking fire. Hes in the hospital right now where theyre trying to see if they can fix him.

All that aside, Im still not moved, despite a heroic effort on the parts of Katie and Megan, because Im a disorganized freak. My house is a total wreck, aside from the oil all over the kitchen floor thats never going to get cleaned up. Id clean it now, but I have to go down to Philly to return the rental car that isnt getting paid for anymore after today and to clean out Katies car that shell never get to see again either. Then tomorrow, it appears that Ill be moving more stuff with Katie and her mom in her moms minivan, for which i have to pack first because Im not at all ready.

Id also like to go back to the hospital and visit Mike, just to see how hes feeling.

Have I mentioned that another check of mine got lost in the mail to the bank the other day? That sucked big time because I now have about three dollars to my name. And this credit thing has got to stop.

Anyway, Im sure theres more to note, but since I have to run down to philly, Ill not note it here or now. The only reason that I dont want February to end today is because I cant muster $1500 rent money today. I cant even muster $15 rent money, so Im in a little trouble.