just when you think it cant get any worse….

it keeps snowing.

or you crash your girlfriends car.

or you could wait all day for phone calls that never seem to come.

or, you could make a list of things, like no one else has had a hard day before. Jesus christ, what a whiner I am.

Being in Baltimore was so close to cool that it hurts to think about. There were a lot of things in the way, though, that I almost managed to get around the negativity, but not quite. The snow could have been a lot of fun. The driving around could have been a lot of fun. The eating, the movies, the comraderie could have been a lot of fun. I feel bad for not getting out of Kurt’s hair all weekend because he was preoccupied with other stuff. I feel badly about missing Scott, Sharon and Becca especially, and other folks, too, because its always good to catch up with old friends and Ive been talking about it for so long.

And 2003 is the year to stop talking and to start doing, so its really good that I even tried to get down there. I’ll go again in a month or two when everything is less likely to get fucked up because of the weather.

Speaking of doing, Megan didn’t get to move today, owing to a surfeit of being stuck in the snow in Cleveland. She wont even get back until tomorrow, which sucks for everything because moving would be so much easier if the two of us weren’t trying to do it back to back. Where do you get boxes to move with, anyway? I mean, I have some, but I’m thinking about a bunch of em for books and the like. Ive got a lot of crap to pack up, too, what with the computers and the entertainment stuff and the kitchen and the photos and the movie stuff and all. God, how the hell am I planning to do all this shit, anyway? Im hoping that we can use Katie’s mom’s minivan on like friday, saturday and sunday, anyway. that’d be good, but it wouldn’t leave us much space to move little things first. And I was hoping….

fuck it. Enough with the hoping and crap–its time to honor the spirit of 2003. Doing is better than saying, action breeds character, actions speak louder than words. And my actions now show that Ive got to answer Surf Secret tech support problems. Man, its going to be hard to concentrate on those in the next few days….

Overall? Weekend scored an abysmal 3/10. Lots of things it could have done to improve its score, but being snowed in in three places (Bmore, Philly, Brooklyn) beats being snowed in in only one, and traveling is a noble pursuit, so that scores at least a point. But that’s about it. Maybe moving will be a better weekend.