I just filed my first complaint with the BBB and it feels good. Im also filing a dispute with MasterCard, hoping to get back my money because FeaturePrice.com charged my card but never activated my new account. Its pretty slick, if you ask me, to try to pull things off like this, but I guess theyve gotta make money somehow. Ill tell you what, I wish I was a hacker right now because Id love to launch a targeted DDOS (is that even possible?) against their server farm in Florida, disrupting their business and making them go under. Im not that upset, I guess, but itd be good to be able to have some temporary revenge while I try to get my money back.

I guess the next step is to try to anticipate their next move and be there first. Maybe Ill send my refund request anyway. You know, just in case. We shall see. Times like this I wish I had a modem in my computer and could send faxes.