As you might be able to tell from the icon, this isnt a movie gig, nor is it full-time at all. I just signed on to do some tech support fot Surf Secret software. Surf Secret offers all manner of privacy tools, which I find interesting because Im interested in personal privacy, especially at the moment. So thats a good fit. A lot of this gig will be answering questions and thngs about the products (and Ill have to start learning about the products before I really can say how hard thatll be), and the rest is yet to be determined. As long as the hourly requirements arent too stringent (and I can still do my daywork occasionally), Im sure I can handle the work.

Anyway, thats good news.

In other news, weve had a surge of activity because of the addition of the Tangoboard here, which, hopefully, will become the place where current tango residents make their home when the real tangomania ends next week. Well see what happens with that, but as ive said before and will say again, itd be a shame to lose such a varied and vibrant crowd to the ether just for lack of hosting.

Lastly, Im not sure Ill be releasing a video this week, and that makes me sad. I love making em, so maybe I can come up with something. Well see what happens, but for now its all about Surf Secret and finding movies to rent for the evening. I think tonight is Bond. Woo-Woo.