The happy couple cuts some cake in my latest (and late) addition to the rotating pictures archive.

I should have scanned and posted it sooner, but I’m a loser and just haven’t. This picture (and the three others like it) are Emilys art and my artistry, so as much as Id like to, I cant claim all the credit for the kickass shot that I took here. And Justin, I have pictures to send you, its just a matter of time.

Anyway, today is about a makeshift flash site for because I might as well get the thing up and running, right? If it’s a little ghetto to start with, that’s fine for now–its the thought that counts. I bet Ill also surf the web a lot and play some Hitman 2.

Also, I wrote my 300 words last night–now the project wings its way to its next victim. Let me tell you from experience that 300 words is both much shorter and much easier than you anticipate. Enjoy writing it.