so the new site is running smoothly, right?

Cool. Youll notice things moving around (which side is the poll on today, everybody?) and others appearing and disappearing as I try out new bits and pieces for the site that I hope will enhance the user experience. In a lot of ways, its hard for me to give up almost all of the control over the sites look and feel because Ive been married to HTML for so long, but the response has been generally positive, so that makes things easier. Please be sure to hit the board to tell me about things that you like/dont like about the new site as well as things youd like to see here. Thats how Ill make things better.

Im coming up with an idea for a new story that Ill try to tell in serial fashion here on the site as well. As if Im not doing enough writing here, right? But the Journal option is just too sweet to ignore and really seems ripe for some serialized fiction in the near future. Maybe weekly updates or something will fit into my lifestyle… I wonder.

Buffy tonight, and perhaps a pre-Buffy drink with Hannah–well have to see. Now its time for some writing or maybe some Hitman–I cant decide which. Before 9 this morning Id achieved Silent Assassin on 2 levels. Since then, its been time to catch up on the news and on the communication. Now? Maybe more videogames. Man, being unemployed is great.