headin' to Philly

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Now that I'm not traveling for a living anymore (what AM I doing for a living anymore?), I have to make an actual effort to see people I love. I'm doing it, even if it's not THAT often, and this weekend is Philly.  I'm actually psyched - it's a long weekend and I can promise we won't get up to much, but that's okay because I'm lazy.

I'll definitely snap a couple photos, though.

Happy Birthday, Alina!

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It's not a holiday yet, but someday, no doubt, we'll look back and know when it all began.  It's an incredibly exciting time to be me.

Bad Fat Trend

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a graph pointing upwardsI'm just starting to lose my tour weight and get back to LA-weight, as it were, and to start the month like this is disheartening, to say the least.  At this rate, I'll weigh 240 by month's end and be like 27% body fat!  I'll be a medical curiosity, a freak of the weight-gain community! I'll be famous!

Actually, this doesn't sound so bad.

This update doesn't represent an actual emotional investment on my part, I just think it's funny when you have a small data set the kind of extrapolations you can make.  Reminds me of some "news" organizations we could all name, even.  Actually, yesterday I did eat terribly, so today I'll be making some changes, but mostly because I can't eat like that 2 days in a row. Also because I have volleyball with some new folks tomorrow and I don't want them to think I'm terrible because I ate badly and can't move.  I want to come by my terribleness honestly, through lack of practice and general out-of-shape-ness.

Bigger graph after the break.

Cool XKCD gif

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I know this is like trying to draw attention to a rock concert by sitting in the stands and whistling, but I really dig Randall's work on XKCD from Monday:


That is all.

Caloric debt or, why am I so fat?

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So I'm intending, eventually, to be somewhat less of a lazy, fat slob. I'm not one for the gym and my lifestyle doesn't really lend itself to hardcore patterning like that anyway, but I've gotta do something, and I've started.  I've been good about playing volleyball (if you're reading this and I'll be seeing you in Vegas, I expect that we'll be playing at least a couple of times over the 6-day trip), and I've started the rudiments of a workout that I'll do whenever I can get the chance.

There's (kind of) a lot more ridiculous musing after the break. Also a much bigger picture of me trying to look cool.

I'm not breaking up with Clapboard

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I didn't even realize I'd been thinking about it, but I guess I was, over these last, umm... months since my last update.  Well, I've decided.  Clapboard lives.  It gets updates again because despite the splintering of my attention into a million pieces, despite the lack of easy options for posting photos and such that benefit Twitter, Facebook and so many others, despite the fact that it just isn't cool, Clapboard is mine, and that's good enough for now.

I'm off to look into ways to post things.  Maybe it's even the right answer to change the underlying software (gasp?!).  Whatever it is, it'll get some attention from me while I'm doing normal updates again.  My computer works (although I did just realize I lost a few folders of pictures - nothing heartbreaking, but I'm still rattled all the same), my phone works, my camera works... I can update. And I shall.

So hi.

How do people have so many opinions that come in lists?

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my faceAs a general caveat, I've never really understood lists.  I mean, I get shopping lists, To Do lists and the like, but "the ten cutest apples at the farmer's market" lists just baffle me.  I like reading them just fine, but I never think in lists, nor do I often think, "man, this is the THIRD BEST plank-baked salmon I've had when cloud cover is more than 50% and I'm eating south of the equator."  Apparently most people do.

Because I rambled on and on, there's more list-based ranting after the break. My face, however, stays here.

Also staying here is the note that I actually feel human again for more than a day at a time and I love it.  I know I'm back because I'm mentally strategising about how to fit an international trip into my life while still skiing, wine tasting and visiting friends on both coasts.  This is what it's like to be me - I'd almost forgotten.

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