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I just wrote a whole vaguely-interesting update that I erased by thumb-spazzing and hitting the back button on my mouse by mistake as i grabbed for it like a retarded monkey.

she's looking at you
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Vernal Equinox


she's looking at youThe Vernal Equinox is all about change – specifically the change in seasons, this I know.

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Insomnia, colds and ski prep


I skipped Pi Day because I had another “wake at 330am for no fucking reason” day yesterday, and was so tired all day that I couldn’t focus on anything other than the crap I had to do.

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Well, hey, 4am!


It’s nice to see you from this side!

Usually if I see 4am it’s a decadent night of drinking or whatever, but today it was because I woke up at 330 and couldn’t get back to sleep for some reason.

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This was supposed to be steak week!


Well, not really, but that was one of the plans that fell through this weekend.

BootieLA was fun, though, and although I haven’t been in months, I fell right back into the tasty routine of dancing and being generally irresponsible.

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kinda feels like the new year already


Mostly because I’m already thinking about the things that’ll be happening and that I have to do in the new year, but also partially because I’m actually working this week, which I find strange.

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Travel Prep


I’m getting (mentally) ready for East Coast October!

Wednesday, though, I had a shoot for BRANDED, which was cool, and although I haven’t had time to work on Monday’s images yet, I’d rather have too many images than not enough, you know?

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This whole Netflix thing


Casey has streaming, and what’s more, her account is set up on the XBox or the PS3 or whatever we use to stream from Netflix.

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shirkin’ workin’


Since I’ve been home, I’ve been in one of those situations where I have so much to do that I literally have no idea where to start, so of course, I haven’t been doing anything.

shit I must accomplish
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I ain’t dead

Weekend Update

shit I must accomplishYo.

The fam was here all weekend (Thursday – Monday, and if that ain’t what weekends are in the summertime, I’ll be your aunt Fanny), so I was offline for yet another few days.

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May 10th


It’s hard to believe that it’s been eleven years since the day my dad died.

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flexing a green thumb


I also tossed a jalapeno into some dirt yesterday and Casey and I repeated our tomato planting from a few years back.

fucking face wash
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I’m not even mad anymore


fucking face washSo, this isn’t a travel note so much as a musing on how immensely, impractically, numbingly, earth-shakingly stupid your dear old skipper is.

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I’ll never forget the way she’d do her groan/growl thing that sounded so terrifying but was really so happy – you’d put your head on hers and rub her side, maybe squeezing a little, and she’d just start a low groan that was truly unique.

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sneezing update

Extra! Extra!

So, I’m allergic to dust.


The allergist gave me that “80 pricks” test or whatever, and dust (dust mites) were far and away the biggest thing on my arm, followed by feathers, something else, and cats.