I made it home!

24 hours on planes and in airports from Lisbon made it happen, but despite the absurdity of security theatre, lost passports (yes, I lost my passport on the flight from Portugal to LHR) and fat guys in middle seats, I made it home anyway.

boobies!After Barcelona (which was every bit as cool as I remembered it, btw), we went up to San Sebastian.  The drive wasn’t too long and we got there in plenty of time to go to the beach and get me heartily sunburned. It was hard not to be sunburned when there were so many topless girls on the beach – how do you leave?  The picture on the left is one that was sent to me by one of the guys that had no qualms about taking pictures of random chicks on nude beaches (I need to be more like him) and cropped by someone with basic photoshop skills (me).  What you can’t see in this picture is that I really had a good reason to be sunburned.  I promise.

More nonsense about the end of the tour and what I hope the future brings after the break.

So San Sebastian was cool, even despite the beach.  Lisbon, however, was unlike any place I’ve been, in that there were hookers and drug dealers brazenly peddling their wares, but in some non-threatening way.  It was a little like being in Greenwich Village in 1991 except with no fear of being kidnapped or stabbed or molested by the people trying to sell you crap.  I mean, the first time a “working girl” approached me at the after party I thought to myself, “hmm, this girl thinks I’m cute!” but then had the revelation a minute later when she started making implications about not being expensive.  It wasn’t good for my ego, really.  Ah well.  Here are a couple of pictures from that after party that don’t in any way make up for the fact that the hookers just wanted my money, but at least they break up the drivel.

So there was the party.  Then the show in Lisbon, which started out as a 22-song set list (2 songs light – HALLELUJAH!) but ended up as a 28-song set (drat!).  It was long, but not as hard to handle as the Spain shows that started at 10pm or later.  After the show in Lisbon, it was just to pack sea containers and a couple hours of sleep and then flying.  And flying. And waiting in airports. And flying.

But now I’m home, and the list of things is slowly getting shorter.  Mom is coming on Thursday, and hopefully, Drew is, too.  Then April on Friday night.  I’m hoping for the beach on Saturday and grilling some crap on the grill after I get my second sunburn of the season.  Then BootieLA is Saturday night, too, which I’m looking forward to more than usual, I think.  I’d like to remember to take my camera to practice taking pictures in the dark.  We’ll see if I care enough to be inconvenienced by the camera at my first Bootie in a million years.

There’s plenty more to say and do, but I’m tired and the list looming on my left-hand monitor isn’t getting shorter on its own, so I’m going to go attend to that for awhile.  Happy Wednesday everywhere that it’s already Wednesday.  Enjoy it.