bruggeI’m in Barcelona at the moment, checking my emails and generally getting caught back up on the world since I’ve been offline the last few days.  We did a 14-hour ride and an 18-hour ride separated only by a show day in Brugge (Bruges?), so I spent longer on the bus getting to and from the place than in the place itself.

I managed to walk around Brugge before the light faded, taking my time in a nice reminder of having been there before, back in High School.  I’ve had plenty of reasons to think back favorably on that trip over the years, but none so frequently as this leg, where I’ve re-visited four of the towns we saw then (London, Brugge, Venice, Munich).  Good stuff.

Anyway, once I’m caught up, I’ll be wandering around town at least to see the Gaudi cathedral, and maybe to walk La Rambla again.  We’ll see. Bigger pic after the break.