Breaking the tradition of show-sleep-fly-eat-sleep-show-sleep-fly tradition a little bit, I went to see the big Jeezy on the top of the hill in Rio yesterday morning. The trip ended up costing 50 reals because no one wanted to wait, but that was only a few reals more than it would have cost if we’d taken the train.  As if in revenge for having been ignored pretty much since I left home, my camera insisted on shooting the mot ridiculous pictures.  It rained at the top (“Hey!  We ARE in a massive rain forest!”) and was fucking freezing, but it was totally worth it to have had the opportunity to leave the hotel.

Even if the hotel was kind of cool.

ConcreteChrist3Anyway, I’m in the airport now, almost finished with this leg of the tour.  Internet has been such a pain in the ass – how do hotels get away with charging $40/day for internet?  When, do you think, will I get used to that and just sigh and pay it?  Or not sigh and just pay it?  Right now, $40 to browse some porn and read bad blog entries doesn’t seem worth it. I’ll he happy as hell to get home and sad as hell that I won’t be staying there very long.  I’ll stay long enough to post some pictures, at least.

Happy Sunday, and go Eagles!