So by now, you’ve probably read that Prince thinks that the internet “is over”.  Thanks, genius.

But today I saw a piece on Techdirt pointing out that Time Magazine is publishing only excerpts of its articles online anymore.  Maybe Prince called them and explained to them that the internet was over?  I dunno.  But the idea of getting Time articles only on an iPad or in print is pretty fucking stupid.  I’m especially sad because I grew up with Time Magazine in the house and it’s one of those things that I wish I could continue to like and use in my adult life.  But if Time thinks that I’m going to continue to support deforestation, poisoning the environment through ink bleed and related detritus, truck shipping of trees, pulp, materials and finished magazines, it’s not the kind of magazine that I want to be a part of. That’s to say nothing about the support for Jobs’ absurdist self-fellating power trip.

So Time Magazine goes with Chevy in the pile of stuff I grew up with and would dearly love to continue to support, but who fucked up badly enough to push someone who wanted to support them away.  I can only imagine if you’re only neutral (or, god forbid, a Ford/Newsweek guy) how unappealing this move is to you.

Anyway, rant over.  I wonder if they’re going to recind the Computer’s Man of the Year award now.  Or the time they awarded it to bloggers (2006?).  Fucking Time.