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Assassin’s Creed Origins doesn’t work on the new system


What a rip off!  Everyone else can get their ACO working (of course there were a TON of launch-week problems, now mostly buried by Google’s “helpful” algorithm), but I can’t.  I’ve reduced cores, run the “Gaming Mode” option on my CPU’s configurator designed to make poorly-programmed games run, and disabled the second video card, unlinked all my monitors except my main AND even tried 1080p on my main monitor, all to no avail.

I posted about it on the Steam forums here on the off chance that anyone is interested, and I’ll update if I ever find a solution.

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Buying Socks at Rite Aid


Once upon a time, I dated around.

for the record, I have no idea what was originally in here. possibly a story about buying condoms and socks at the rite aid on Sunset and Fairfax where some girl tried to sell me underwear, but what would have been the point of that? -mo