Random thoughts that I pass along to you.

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It’s a big week here

Extra! Extra!

It’s a big week in the life of Matt.

I’m going to Culver City every day to work on a show for the Food Network (expanding PCW‘s experience and contacts in the TV industry), Emily is still out on Bon Jovi, and I’m starting to get a little more serious about doing more real computer work.

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finally the weekend


It’s not that it really makes that much difference to me whether it’s the weekend or not, but there is something about the relaxed nature of the weekend that makes things seem easier, even if I’m doing the same crap (which I will totally be doing).

Anyway, lunch with Tony at Warner today was cool, then I went and finally got my car washed on the way to Crown Bar where I had to look at their broken TV.

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Dad’s Birthday


Today would be my dad’s 63rd Birthday – we’d be having angel food cake tonight for sure.

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Mild Panic

Rants, Vacation

I’m not sure whether to file this under Rants or Travel.  Both are vaguely appropriate.  I guess I could enable some sort of tagging function on Clapboard, but what the hell?  I don’t get enough traffic to make that an issue.  Also, who really cares, when your search function works?  Anyway.

Okay, this rant has gotten entirely too long for the front page of a website.  If you want pain and misery (and that’s just reading about my week), click through.  No presents if you get to the bottom of the article, but you get the satisfaction of knowing that you have the iron resolve needed to deal with the CA DMV.

Click below to read on.  If you dare.

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Notes and Updates

Weekend Update

So I’ve been thinking a lot about proper blogging over the last few days and being entirely too lazy to actually write anything. That’s not going to change in any material way tonight, but I did want to mention that I survived the weekend.

I’ve been really tired for some reason all weekend long, starting on Thursday.

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failing to update


Okay, here I am again, on Nathaniel’s Birthday, chillin’ back at the Forum in Inglewood, trying to kill time until someone comes that I’m supposed to meet.

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Girls with Blogs are hot


I just saw this on a sidebar while I was searching for info on how to reformat my add-to-cart area on ShoeHardware, and I agree with it, at least in theory.

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It’s been a long time

Weekend Update

Turns out that a new site doesn’t mean I update more.

Mom came last Thursday and she gets up early, so my normal morning writing time was interrupted by social time, which is infinitely better for me.