So we’re in Canada, and the show is in full swing. Montreal loved us, which is always nice, and we’re setting up in Toronto for show #1 of 2 in a row.  I love these days where we have a full day off and then two shows in a row in a single venue – it’s like getting spoiled.  Much better than the 2-in-a-row gigs that have us doing short across-the-border runs that have the very real chance of getting fucked up.

The only bad thing about days off is that I spend a lot of money. I’m trying to be better about it, and somewhat succeeding, but unlike last tour, this time I’m much more social and inclined to go out at the beginning.  There’s more to do, at least.  I also can’t claim success at working out more – I’ve done a little, but not enough to call “working out.”