I’ve been doing shows. Since last I updated, i think it’s been four, with a fifth tonight.  A lot, whatever the number is.  Des Moines, Atlanta, Orlando and Houston in six days, at least.  My bus has been running all over the country, hither and yon, all around Robin Hood’s barn, there and back again, even.

In Des Moines I took a few more pictures for BRANDED (not on the site yet, of course, but I’ll work on it some today), which counts as the first time I’ve done a shoot on the road.  Totally do-able, although without lights, it’s sort of an exercise in futility.  At least it was an exercise in something, though since I’ve been entirely stagnant since I got out here on this leg.  Good thing it’s short.

I managed also to get a couple of flights booked yesterday (two out of the five I need to book), and that was fine, but I was really aiming for three, with four as the outside goal.  I seem to have lost my mojo for the flight finding that I did the other day, because not only couldn’t I find the same times, I couldn’t even remember what airline they were on. Yeesh.  Anyway, I’ll try that again today, now that I’ve caught up on JVS work today.  Still have some PCW work to get through and bills, though both of those will have to wait ’till the next town (Memphis?), because my time is almost exhausted here.