Hello from Sao Paulo!

Today’s my day off and I’m spending it not doing a damn thing.  I’m burned out, A, and B, I have no idea what to do here.  I need the rest more than I need the tourism at this point, you can be sure.

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I updated, both for reasons of shitty internet (in Santiago, the venue internet was out every 5 minutes, so I didn’t even try, and in Buenos Aires the hotel wanted $40USD/day for internet).  I’m currently in a Sheraton downtown, into which has been integrated a home-decorating mall (as far as I can tell, those and restaurants are the only two stores there).  The room here is nice, but they made the odd choice to put two single beds into the rooms we have, and the mattresses are hard. Not uncomfortably hard, but almost.  But there’s a couch that’s great for reading and I’m on the 11th floor, so that’s nice.

In anticipation of our day off today, production authorized a department-wide dinner, so, lost-soul department that I am, I went with some others to South, a restaurant like Fogo De Chao (who has their headquarters and original location here), only this one was not a chain.  The meat was spectacular and the wine was tasty and not very expensive.  I got a bottle of Brazilian Cab that was $40US, and it was one of the more expensive bottles on the list.  Good stuff.

As far as updates go, I’ve had good shows, lots of time to read, and a couple of sunny days (prior to today, of course).  I’m really bummed that I didn’t get to spend any time exploring Buenos Aires or Santiago, but them’s the breaks.  Maybe I’ll come back sometime after the madness of touring is over.  It’d be worth it just for the wine tourism.  Where’s my import company when I need it?