I’ve been working, believe it or not.

With my impending departure for South America with Bon Jovi looming, I’m looking at a foreshortened timeline and thinking about how I can get work completed for MWS before I go. It’s a short-ish timeline, given the back-and-forth that has to happen, but still, it’s doable.  Then, through Priscilla, I booked a gig working on the practically-abandoned non-profit website CAN-DO.org.

The founders live across the yard at the moment, and Eric just left for Haiti, so it’s a time crunch to get everything updated and working.  The site isn’t a CMS, but instead was written in Dreamweaver (I can only assume) and the pages that I have are all a disaster.  Totally unnecessary nested tables within more and more tables, no real patterns (each box is slightly different from the rest, or boxes within sections have different problems), and almost no CSS.  Each page has some random CSS generated by Dreamweaver at the top, and the stylesheet is an amalgam of overlapping styles and mess.

Long story short, I now have more work than I can handle.  Or almost more work than I can handle.  I’m writing this blog post, for example, while I await replies to two emails and rest my eyes from staring at the code, wondering why the site works so radically differently on IE than on Firefox (and, indeed, everything else).  At least I’m building karma on this one, right?  My rate is slashed and I’ll be able to claim some tax advantage at the end of the year, supposedly.