Here I am, back on Bon Jovi and back to not blogging. Silliness, I tell you, when I’m half a world away from home and trying to do new things (as well as some old ones).

So far, the shows have been fine – Jon picked out a song that wasn’t on my computer (networking was down again) and that pointed out the fact that I needed to have the entire archive on the laptop, too, so that’s what I did.  In the meanwhile, I’m trying to update the “everything” file with the latest version of every song so I can make sure that each night looks identical to the last night.  I’m hoping, for example, that tonight’s set list is much less obscure than the one from the other night – I was rushing to get everything in and everyone was waiting on me.  Fun times.

Also, I’d really like to get networking working properly on these two machines, but failing that, I’ll at least teach myself the proper use of bluetooth filesharing so I can get one file back and forth with ease.

Okay, enough shop talk, except to say that I might be continuing on this tour by going to South America in September.  We’ll see.

On Monday I’m going to go to Stonehenge (on the summer solstice, even – I’m such a hippie!), and then to Bath and to see the Magna Carta on a bus tour that some of the other roadies are going on.  Should be fun.  I’ll bring my camera there, as I have yet to even pull it out of the bag I brought it in.  Ghetto!

The lifted restrictions on pub hours have allowed me to stay out late one night, and will probably allow the same thing in the future, although I will be trying to be a good boy and going to bed early if there’s nothing specific planned or if I have a long day ahead (Sunday night seems especially likely).

And that’s that.  Time to go search for some internet so I can post this bastard and get on with my waiting.