Okay, so this is the caprese that we made last night.  The picture isn’t really a winner and the bread isn’t here (it’s just about to come out of the oven), but it’s pretty representative.  Those are home-grown tomatoes, as you might expect, and the mozzarella was good, but not great.  I’m not sure I can define what makes a mozzarella great, but this didn’t quite have that thing.  Of course, it was plenty good enough for my pathetic palette, I’ll tell you what. Also, we dipped the bread (covered in hand-chopped garlic, of course) in the olive oil, only I also buttered it. That’s probably overkill, but health be damned.

Casey pointed out that this wasn’t actually a very healthy dinner, but I’m not so sure. I mean cheese has a ton of fat, but can’t there be good-for-you fat once in a while? And haven’t we yet debunked the myth of the bad-for-you carbs? I mean, what ever happened to the carb-hater guy anyway? He’s friggin’ dead. Anyway, I digress. Tonight I’ll cook lean steaks and we’ll eat raw beans or something to make up for it.

Okay, enough about food, I’m off to house-sit.