Carpe Noctem

Man, this brings back memories.

Sadly, just about everything is wrong with this copy of the movie, some things that weren’t even there in the only screening it ever got.  Example:  the lip sync was perfect (it drives me nuts when lip sync is off) during the screening, but I guess this transfer has seen better days.  The VHS is a disaster, and yet it’s the only way I’ve ever seen this movie outside of the transfer room and the screening room. There are still scenes in here that don’t even show up my one-light video test transfer (this was only supposed to be a test after all).  I hate that we’re all black for those scenes, but not as much as I hate the fact that the film jumped the track at the end and is all jacked.  Eh, I could gripe forever.

Anyway, this is up there with one of my favorite projects ever, what with our 6-day shooting schedule (second longest next to Resolution of Sin), driving halfway (and once all the way) to NYC to get Mike or drop him off after he skipped some classes, editing in my monk robe, holding a half-decent casting session by taking the show to the dorms, and shooting in Ruby Tuesday’s all night long.

Carpe NoctemThe premise is admittedly absurd (which of my movies aren’t absurd-in-premise?) and the directing is really sub-par, but some of the kids give surprisingly good performances.  It’s not going to go on record as a great student film or anything, but given that I never did get any college classes in making narrative film.  The kids from NYU really had a head start. Fortunately, being a PA is monkey work that even I could do.

Fun stuff to watch again, even if it does hurt my eyes somewhat.